3 Salon Social Media Secrets

//3 Salon Social Media Secrets

3 Salon Social Media Secrets

3 Salon Social Media Marketing Secrets

Trying to figure out which social media channel to use to attract more customers to your salon? Do you feel like your posting pics and updates for no reason? Are you writing on your blog hoping someone sees it? Your not alone.

After 18 years of running my own salon review and product website, I can know a thing or two. In this case three of the most important elements to using digital advertising to attract new customers to you salon.

If you hire an agency like SkyRocket Media to handle you Salon’s digital advertising then all of this is handled for you on a level most of our clients can’t believe.

1. Become the Expert in your Area

Customers love to know that their salon and stylist is the expert or well known for something in their field. The best way to position yourself as the expert is to choose a niche and focus.

  • Educate yourself as much as possible. For example, search for the best and most innovative colour technology available. Educate, practice and test. Become known in your area as the best colour technician or salon in the area.
  • Becoming an expert doesn’t mean that all you do. It means that what you do better than anyone else.
  • Focus on your expertise, stay up to date on every technology and technique.
  • Visit trade shows, create niche specific videos and promote them when and where possible

2. Advertise your content

With your specialty selected its now time to broadcast your message to every potential client. Use Social Media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Twitter to let everyone know how good you are. Take pictures, shoot videos, ask for testimonials and make online and in store offers. Engage with your potential clients as they comment through social media.

3. No Friction Appointment Booking

In 2019 we can book everything from a ride, sushi or alcohol on our smart phone. Why not you salon appointment. Create as little friction for your clients book will lead to more appointments and happier customers. If you have the skill to add this to your site great!

Alternatively ask our Skyrocket media team about our Salon Appointment Scheduling Website Add-on.

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